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Bachelor of Business Administration

The Objective of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is to equip the students with sound foundation in business discipline and develop their knowledge and skill to pursue a career in business and management. The curriculum of the BBA program has been so designed with the cooperation of eminent and experienced academicians in the field at home and abroad that after completion of the program the students will be able to become efficient administrators and managers in different areas.

Entry Requirements

For Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, the entry requirement is minimum 2nd Division or GPA 2.5 in both S.S.C and H.S.C or GCE 'O' Level in 3 subjects with GPA 2.5 or above and 'A' level in 2 subjects with GPA 2.5 or any other level of education recognized by the competent authority.


Admission into Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is highly on a competitive basis. Aplicants will be required to sit for an admission test designated to judge their abilities and aptitude for the program. Candidates are selected for admission on the basis of past academic records, a written test and a viva examination.

Degree Requirements

A student will have to complete at least 132 credit hours for a BBA degree out of which 75 credit hours consist of compulsory courses for all concentration areas, 15 credit hours from elective courses, 18 credit hours from major courses in each of the areas of Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, Management and MIS, while the remaining 24 credit hours are from a general inter-disciplinary body of knowledge. This general body of knowledge along with the major area of concentration will prepare a student to adjust to the reality of the contemporary world facing multi-dimensional problems and issues. Some courses are meant for moral uplift.

A student must get at least a 'C' grade to pass an individual course.


The fee structure for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is as follows:

Fees (for total 147 credits) Amount
Payable per credit Tk. 2,270
Payable (approx.) in each subsequent semester(13 Semesters) Tk. 27,540
Total cost for the entire program Tk.3,37,590

The Internship is a practical training meant for BBA. This gives the BBA students an exposure to the real world to make them effective managers in the corporate world. The duration of internship is a maximum period of 3 months. Students are assigned grades based on reports prepared by the students and performance reports about the students by the organizations where they were attached. Special projects or research works of high standards mat be substituted for an internship, if so authorized by the relevant authority.

Core Courses
Compulsory (twenty five)
Course Code Course Title
BBA 1105 Foundation English-I
BBA 1106 Foundation English-II
BBA 1107 Foundation English-III
BBA 1108 Introduction to Business
BBA 1201 Principles of Management
BBA 1202 Financial Accounting-I
BBA 1203 Macroeconomics
BBA 1204 Microeconomics
BBA 1301 Introduction to Finance
BBA 1302 Principles of Marketing
BBA 1303 Business Statistics-I
BBA 1304 Business Mathematics-I
BBA 2401 Business Communication
BBA 2402 Business Law
BBA 2403 Organizational Behavior
BBA 2404 Cost Accounting
BBA 2501 Financial Accounting-II
BBA 2502 Financial Management
BBA 2503 Human Resource Management
BBA 2504 Business Statistics-II
BBA 2601 Business Mathematics-II
BBA 2602 Production and Operation Management
BBA 2603 Taxation
BBA 2604 Marketing Management
BBA 3701 Money and Banking


Elective Courses (any five)
BBA 3702 Bangladesh Economy
BBA 3703 Entrepreneurship Development
BBA 3704 International Business
BBA 3801 Insurance & Risk Management
BBA 3802 Corporate Laws
BBA 3803 E-Commerce and E-Banking
BBA 3804 Information Technology
BBA 3805 Business Ethics and Policy
BBA 3806 Industrial Psychology
BBA 3807 Management Information System


Areas of Concentration(Accounting)

Compusory Courses (four)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 4110 Advanced Accounting – I
BBA 4111 Advanced Accounting – II
BBA 4112 Auditing
BBA 4113 Advanced Cost Accounting


Elective Courses (any two)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 4114 Managerial Accounting
BBA 4115 Financial Reporting and Information System
BBA 4116 Accounting Thought
BBA 4117 Research Methodology
BBA 4118 International Accounting


Areas of Concentration(Finance)

Compusory Courses(four)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 4119 Corporate Finance
BBA 4120 Financial Institutions and Market
BBA 4121 International Finance
BBA 4122 Working Capital Management


Elective Courses(any two)
Course Code Course Title
BBA 4117 Research Methodology
BBA 4123 Real Estate Finance
BBA 4124 Financial Information System & IT
BBA 4125 Capital Investment Decision
BBA 4126 Theory of Finance


Areas of Concentration(Banking and Insurance)

Compusory Courses(four)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 4120 Financial Institutions and Market
BBA 4127 Law and Practice of Banking
BBA 4128 Bank Fund Management
BBA 4129 Interest-free Banking


Elective Courses(any two)
Course Code Course Title
BBA 4117 Research Methodology
BBA 4130 Electronic Banking / Online Banking
BBA 4131 Investment Banking
BBA 4132 Actuary and Pricing of Insurance
BBA 4133 Central Banking Regulation and Supervision


Areas of Concentration(Marketing)

Compusory Courses(four)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 4134 International Marketing and Business Operations
BBA 4135 Consumer Behavior
BBA 4136 Export and Import Management
BBA 4137 Bank Marketing


Elective Courses(any two)
Course Code Course Title
BBA 4138 Marketing Research
BBA 4139 Strategic Marketing
BBA 4140 Product Policy & Strategy
BBA 4141 Advertising and Sakes Management
BBA 4142 Service Marketing


Areas of Concentration(Management)

Compusory Courses(four)

Course Code Course Title
BBA 4143 Management Thought
BBA 4144 Project Appraisal and Management
BBA 4145 Management of Service Industries
BBA 4146 Business Policy and Strategic Management
BBA 6571 Management Science


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