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B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science

The Objective of the B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science (CS) program is to produce world class IT professionals. The program covers a comprehensive curriculum following standard international guidelines. The program has been designed to satisfy the growing demands for IT professionals throughout the country. It gives students the opportunity to obtain a broad-based knowledge of Computer Science and IT, including Computer Programming, Computer Mathematics, Multimedia Production, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Network. 

Entry Requirements

For B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science program, the entry requirement is minimum 2nd Division or GPA 2.5 in both S.S.C and H.S.C or GCE 'O' Level in 3 subjects with GPA 2.5 or above and 'A' level in 2 subjects with GPA 2.5 or any other level of education recognized by the competent authority.


Admission into B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science program is highly on a competitive basis. Applicants will be required to sit for an admission test designated to judge their abilities and aptitude for the program. Candidates are selected for admission on the basis of past academic records, a written test and a viva examination.

Degree Requirements

For a B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science degree, a student will have to complete a 4-year integrated program with at least 145.5 credit hours (total 57 courses), out of which 93 credit hours are core courses, 28.5 credit hours are sessional courses and 24 credit hours are interdisciplinary courses.

A student must obtain at least a `C' grade to pass any individual course and maintain a minimum GPA 2.00.


The fee structure for the B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science program is as follows:

Fees (for total 157.5 credits) Amount
Payable per credit Tk. 2,190
Payable (approx.) in each subsequent semester(12 Semesters) Tk. 26,580
Total cost for the entire program Tk.3,48,525



Compulsory (109.5 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS 1101 Computer Information Systems 3
CS 1101S Computer Information Systems Sessional 1.5
CSE 1102 Programming Language and Application I 3
CSE 1102S Programming Language and Application I Sessional 1.5
CSE 1103 Math I: Differential Calculus and Coordinate Geometry 3
CSE 1207 Physics 3
CSE 1208 Programming Language and Application II 3
CSE 1208S Programming Language and Application II Sessional 1.5
CSE 2312 Object-Oriented Programming 3
CSE 2312S Object-Oriented Programming Sessional 1.5
CSE 2313 Discrete Mathematics 3
CSE 2314 Math II: Integral Calculus and Di erential Equations 3
CSE 2315 Basic Electronics 3
CSE 2315S Basic Electronics Sessional 1.5
CSE 2417 Data Structures 3
CSE 2417S Data Structures Sessional 3
CSE 2418 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
CSE 2418S Design and Analysis of Algorithms Sessional 1.5
CS 2257 Assembly Language Programming 3
CSE 3523 Database Management Systems 3
CSE 3523S Database Management Systems Sessional 1.5
CSE 3525 Data Communication 3
CSE 3527 Math IV: Linear Algebra, Fourier Transform and Statistics 3
CSE 3630 System Analysis and Design 3
CSE 3630S System Analysis and Design Sessional 1.5
CSE 3631 Operating Systems Design 3
CSE 3631S Operating Systems Design Sessional 1.5
CSE 4735 Compiler Construction 3
CSE 4735S Compiler Construction Sessional 1.5
CSE 4736 Computer Graphics 3
CSE 4736S Computer Graphics Sessional 1.5
CSE 4737 Software Engineering 3
CSE 4737S Software Engineering Sessional 1.5
CS 4400 Thesis and Project 6
CSE 4841 Computer Communication and Networks 3
CSE 4841S Computer Communication and Networks Sessional 1.5
CSE 4845 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems 3
CSE 4845S Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems Sessional 1.5
CSE 4851 Numerical Analysis 3
CSE 4858 Theory of Computing 3


Elective I: any 2 courses with associated sessionals (9 credit hours)
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CS 3339 Distributed Database Management Systems 3
CS 3339S Distributed Database Management Systems Sessional 1.5
CS 4239 Distributed Computing 3
CS 4239S Distributed Computing Sessional 1.5
CS 4855 Graph Theory 3
CS 4855S Graph Theory Sessional 1.5
CSE 4871 Pattern Recognition 3
CSE 4871S Pattern Recognition Sessional 1.5
CSE 4854 Multimedia Theory 3
CSE 4854S Multimedia Theory Sessional 1.5


Elective II: any 1 course (3 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
CSE 3525 Data Communication 3
CS 4147 Management Information Systems 3
CS 4361 E-Commerce 3
CS 4848 Computer Security Systems 3



Compulsory: 8 courses (24 credit hours)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BBA 1103 Financial Accounting I 3
BBA 2403 Organizational Behavior 3
ECON 2308 Comparative Economic Systems 3
ECON 2316 Economics 3
ENG 1114 Communication Skill 3
GP 1205 Comparative Political Systems 3
IS 2321 Comparative Religion 3
SOC 4850 Society, Values and Technology 3



Compulsory: 4 courses (non-credit)

Course Code Course Title
IEL 1001 Intensive English Language: Grammar
IEL 1002 Intensive English Language: Listening and Speaking
IEL 1003 Intensive English Language: Reading
IEL 1004 Intensive English Language: Writing



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